• United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO]] |
    Website of the UNESCO climate change initiative, which aims to help Member States mitigate impacts and adapt to climate change, lay the foundations for sustainable development in the context of climate change, assess the risks of natural disasters due to climate change and monitor the climate change impacts of the UNESCO World Heritage List of monuments and sites (e.g. world heritage sites).
Adaptation policies
  • National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (SPCA) |
    The primary purpose  of the National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation [SPCA] is to contribute to strengthening the country’s resilience to the impacts of climate change and to creating the conditions for decisions to be taken on the basis of correct information and long-term targeting, addressing risks and taking advantage of opportunities a source of climate change.
  • LIFE-IP AdaptInGR | “Strengthening the implementation of a policy to adapt to climate change in Greece” |
    The project is funded by the LIFEprogramme , has a duration of 8 years (2019 – 2026) and a total budget of €14.2 million. The project aims to strengthen the implementation of the National Strategy and the 13 Regional Plans for Adaptation to Climate Change, during the current 1st climate change adaptation cycle(2016-2025) and to prepare the transition to the 2nd Adaptation Policy Cycle (2026+), with appropriate actions at national, regional and local level.