School of Engineering, Department of Planning and Regional Development, Urban and Spatial Planning Research Team

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The Urban and Spatial Planning Research Team of the Department of Planning and Regional Development focuses on research on topics of analysis, evaluation and drafting of spatial policies, connection of spatial planning to the development and environment organisation, and the application of geographical information systems in spatial planning. The Research Team is also working, especially during the last years, on issues of urban revival, procedures of adjusting the spatial planning according to the climate change and renewable energy sites location specifications.
Contact person: Ass. Prof. Evangelos Asprogerakas


Physics department / Environmental Physcis section/ Remote sensing laboratory Address: Panepistimiopolis Zografou, Building PHYS-V, Office A17, GR-157 84 Athens, Greece


The Research Team from the Department of Environmental Physics of the National and Kapodistrian focuses on the study of climate change through the use of high spatial resolution climate models as well as with the supportive use of satellite remote sensing and geographical information systems. As far as climate change is concerned, considerable attention is given to its impact to the natural and cultural heritage of Greece and to such production sectors as agriculture, tourism and energy. Finally the team is involved in the preparation of climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. The Research Team participates to the National Network on Climate Change and its Impacts.
Contact person: Prof. Constantinos Cartalis


Institute of Historical Research, Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity. Address: 48 Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue, GR- 11 635, Athens, Greece

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The Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity of the Institute of Historical Research of the NHRF focuses on the study of various theme and geographical areas, as well as different periods of time in the course of antiquity, and especially on those sectors, where the breach or delay of scientific research has left space for some innovative contribution on behalf of Greece to the international scientific study of Archaeology. The main goal is to reignite archaeological research through the study of all possible aspects of antiquity, starting from prehistoric times until the end of the ancient world in the 6th century AD, based on diverse genres of written sources and material remnants. What most contributes to the support of the research carried out by the scientific team of the Section, as well as by experts from the national and international scientific community, is the strengthening of the documentation infrastructure that can be found on the prolific archive of the Section, such as the archive of prints of Greek and Latin inscriptions of the Greek territory, the monetary file of casts of various regions and many more.
Contact person: Dr. Sofia Zoumpaki


Address: 97 Kifisias Avenue, GR 11 523. Athens, Greece


Geointelligence AETE, is a corporation highly specialised in the fields of geo-informatics. It was founded in 1999, incited by the innovative area of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and since then, it promotes the application and integration of GIS into the modern information systems. Geointelligence AETE has created the most updated digital navigation map from scratch and today possesses the most reliable geographical data base in Greece. It has developed, using their own technologies, specialised software tools that allow the use of spatial data bases in a very wide spectrum of professional applications. It supports other companies and institutions offering useful tools and consultancy together with comprehensive solutions. Today, Geointelligence is helping organisations, companies and individuals to make full use of the potential of the spatial dimension of information and find their way quickly and safely.
Contact person: Νικόλαος Σπανίδης


Address: 15 Akadimias street, GR 10 671, Athens, Greece

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ATHENS DEVELOPMENT S.A. offers comprehensive consulting services in the fields of business planning, development policies and entrepreneurship. The services offered by the corporation can cover diverse subjects such as drafting of economic and technical studies, the management and evaluation of investment programmes as well as the utilization of opportunities for the funding of corporations and organisations, the redesigning of operational procedures, the comprehensive management of projects and the development of entrepreneurship through new and novel technologies.
Contact person: Ηλίας Αποστολάκης