Climate change affects monuments

Seminar on “Protecting Cultural Heritage from Climate Change: From Theory to Practice”
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The establishment of an interdisciplinary committee for the preparation of a national action plan aimed at addressing the impact of climate change on monuments, archaeological sites, historical sites and museums is being prepared by the Ministry of Culture.

The head of the committee will be the professor of the University of Athens and director of the Laboratory of Meteorology Costas Kartalis, while its members will consist of scientists of various specialties and officials of the archaeological service.

To date, eight monuments, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Delos, Epidaurus, Mystras, the Temple of Epikarios Apollo, Philippi, Heraio Samos, have been included in the program “Research – Create – Innovate” within the framework of the ESPA 2014-2020 with scientific teams of the Universities of Thessaly and Athens and the National Research Foundation. The management plans to be created for the eight archaeological sites and monuments will incorporate, according to Culture Minister Lina Mendonis, the issues of tackling the risks of climate change.

More in the publication of the Newspaper “Daily” (21/09/2019)